101Smart Ltd


Well what a time we chose to set up a new business! Coronavirus has made us think in all sorts of ways.

From our perspective, the ability to start with new IT has been of huge benefit in enabling the team to work from home, to still hold client meetings and to keep up to date with the rapid evolution of developments from the government. There has been constant commentary of varying accuracy and worth on Coronavirus and we have limited this newsletter to just one article on that topic. 

Fortunately, one of the worst Autumn drillings and wettest Winters has been followed by one of the best Springs, to at last allow some catching up and replacement Spring cropping instead – cereals and maize have gone in well, cows are grazing good grass in good conditions and the lambing season has been kind. 

Pat Tomlinson Accountancy has had a great start and better than we could have wished for in so many ways. If you are a client – thank you! If you would like to be our client or know more about how we work, then please get in touch! 

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