101Smart Ltd

Andrew & Clare Stevens

We are 750 cow dairy farmers in Gloucestershire and Berkshire. Pat started working with us 26 years ago as our bank manager, and we moved our accountancy work to him 9 years ago.
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We are a multi-generation farming business, owned by our family with some of us actively farming and some not. Pat’s experience and character have helped us in so many ways – including rearranging our business to be the most tax efficient across all family members. Pat is always helping us interpret the accounts, using his experience and benchmarking our results against similar businesses to identify areas where we can improve and areas where we are doing well, allowing us to direct management to the areas of largest reward.  Pat has also been key in financing the business and particularly in ensuring an entirely constructive succession plan is in place that meets the family’s objectives and the needs of the business.  The long-term relationship is invaluable – we enjoy working with Pat and trust him implicitly as a person and as a professional, to always do what is the best for us.  Pat is also a family trustee and has a well-balanced approach in respecting both the settlors’ wishes as well as the various objectives and needs of the farm business and our wider family.

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